Companies’ relay

Svenska Skidspelens Companies’ Relay 27th January 2017

The history of the blend of many various companies that contributed to a festive evening. We hope to see many of you on the starting line 2017. Skiing, atmosphere, team spirit and cohesion are some of the key words of Svenska Skidspelen Corporate Relay. The competition takes place on Friday the 27th of January and we welcome all – large and small companies, experts and less experienced skiers. We have three classes, women, men and mixed.

Now is the time to register your company for the 2017 ski party. Those of you who do not participate in the actual realay set up in the cheerleading competition. After the relay we gather for an after-ski party with buffet, entertainment and awards ceremony.


What is included?

Four starting places and the race of 1,5 kilometres each,  access to shower facilities, four buffet coupons, awards ceremony with raffle of great prizes and entertainment.

For sign up, contact Niclas Johansson at niclas@visitsodradalarna