The Society of Svenska Skidspelen (FSS) was established February 10th 1977.1977-02-10. It currently consists of 12 cross country ski clubs from and around Falun. The mission is to organize the FIS Cross Country World Cup Final and other major ski events, and support and develop the ski sport in the region. The profit from organizing the Svenska Skidspelen is an important source of revenue for the clubs, which supports their children and youth activities. In 1995, an incorporation was founded; Svenska Skidspelen Ltd, that is 100% owned by the FSS. All World Cup activities are organized through SSS Ltd and its’ secretariat.

The World Cup (WC) and each event are owned by the International Ski Association (FIS). Each country’s national ski associations form the membership base for FIS, eg The Swedish Ski Association (SSF). FIS decides which countries get to organize World Cup events. Each national ski association then decides which organization within the country that gets to host the event. SSF have been giving this honour to the Svenska Skidspelen for many years.

Svenska Skidspelen appoints an Organizational Committe (OC) with a mandate to plan and execute the competitions. The work of the OC is lead by the Secretary General (GS) and the other members are each head of the different sections. The GS reports hers and the OC’s work to the Board of the Svenska Skidspelen. Below is a description of each section of the organization.


The mandate for the Attaché section is to offer the best possible service to the participating teams during Svenska Skidspelen. The main hub of activities is the Attaché central that is situated at the hotel where the majority of the athletes are staying. The Attaché Central is equipped with phone, fax, computer with Internet connection, copying machine, start lists, result lists and weather information. Some of the tasks that the teams can be helped with are locating missing luggage, accreditations and general information. Each team has one or more Attaché who helps translating at Team Captain`s meetings, Press conferences and doping tests.

The Attaché Central is open from the day of arrival of the team and is open approximately 15 hours per day, normally 8AM-10PM.


The Transportation section consists of approximately 25 drivers of various age, both men and women. Their tasks include driving of athletes, coaches, skis and luggage to and from airports, ferry thermals and other destinations, in addition to the main areas of the Ski stadium and the Waxing area.

The Transportation Central is located in close proximity to the Attaché Central and is manned close to 24 hours per day. There are an enormous amount of rides offered by this hard-working group of drivers during the week of Svenska Skidspelen.


This section are responsible for the organization of the Opening ceremony, Prize giving ceremonies, prizes, collaboration with the Producer/Speaker as well as surrounding events such as Cheer leaders etc. The Arena Producer is responsible for the sound, music and image to the Big screen. The section also organizes Children’s activities with Bubo as well as the service in the VIP/Sponsor section of the stands.


Up to 200 volunteers are part of the support section depending of the number of competition days. They offer support for athletes, volunteers, spectators and other sections. Areas of responsibility includes:

Traffic and Parking

Direction of traffic to, from and around Lugnet and the different areas for parking.

Entrance and Security

This group is responsible for the security around the Arena during the competition days, as well as manning of the different entry points to the Lugnet area.

Technical Support

The voluntary radio organization of Falun (FRO Falun) has been offering the Technical support for the Svenska Skidsplen for more than 30 years. They set up, maintain and support the connectivity from the different time reporting stations around the course to the Time Tracking office and Swedish Television. The group also equips each section with communication devices as well as the set up of internal telecom and data networks at the Lugnet arena and the Attache and Media centrals in Falun. Other services offered are installation of TVs, monitors, supports computers and copying machines as well as providing the Air and Snow temperatures to the teams.


Each team is represented by their country’s flag. Other flags to be raised are sponsor flags, FIS, SSF, SS and Swedish flags.

Hygiene Support

This group works together with the municipality of Falun to set up and maintain portable toilets and waste containers to ensure that the Arena always looks tidy.


The sales of souvenirs and lighter meals and snacks are provided by another group within the Support Section.

Volunteer meals

The group serves food to all volunteers that have worked at least 6 hours.

Health Care

During the Competition days there are several teams of health care professionals at different areas of the Lugnet arena to care for both Athletes and spectators if needed. There is also an ambulance at the stadium.

Set up team

This group puts up and takes down Advertising and are also available for miscellanous tasks.

Publicity Posters

In order to attract as large crowd as possible, this group is responsible for putting up posters in and around Falun.

The Waxing Village

This group plans, sets up and maintains the waxing areas that all teams are provided with. They offer 24-hour support for the waxing staff.


Our Media section consists of some 30 volunteers, some of us has been involved since the World Cup 1974th. The media section’s roll is to provide media representatives the best possible service before, during and after Svenska Skidspelen/the World Cup final. We are responsible for our media center and are the link to Infront Italy, which owns the television rights.

News from the season 2012/2013 is that we preparer a media center in Lugnets sports hall. Since the national and international interest in Svenska Skidspelen and the World Cup final has increased we have decided to develop and move our media center. Up to 100 workspaces will be prepared for press, broadcast media and photographers. To facilitate for our media representatives all accreditations will be picked up at the media center.

At the hotels, First hotel Grand and Bergmästaren, there will be unstaffed information desks where there will be access to information, start and result lists.

Before and during the competitions our media center is fully staffed and here media representatives will find information, results service and so on. The Media Center has a cafe offering light refreshments, drinks and fruit. Press hosts also provide the employees from radio and television companies that work in the commentator cabins with results service and refreshments.

In the mixed zone press hosts ensure that cooperation between the nation’s media managers and media works well, and also follows the athletes to the press conferences. Our media Section prepares and is responsible for press conferences and publishes afterwards a Swedish and an English summary at Svenska Skidspelens website. A relatively new task is to update and communicate through tools as Twitter, Facebook and blog.

Svenska Skidspelen usually attracts 200-300 media representatives to Falun, around a third of them international guests.


The Media section provides a single point of contact for the Swedish Television and International TV companies to support with technical and practical issues. One of the main areas is to ensure that TV platforms are built at various places around the tracks as per the specification of the TV producer. Support for cabling is also provided during the set up phase.


The Cross-country section is responsible for the technical execution of the Svenska Skidspelen. The section is divided into the following groups:


Some of the areas of responsibility include final registrations, coach meetings, jury meetings and the distribution of start lists, result lists and Minutes of the meetings.


This group takes care of the timing.


The construction of the arena including Start area, Finish area and Switching area is the responsibility of this group. This group marks skis, attaches time keeping chips and are responsible for Start and Finish procedures.


This group is responsible for the preparation of the Competition tracks and the Warm-up tracks, to make sure that they are secured and clearly marked. During the race, the group is responsible for Pre-skiers, Style and Rules controllers as well as the security around the tracks.


The doping group assists the International Doping group.